Online Literature Review

The California Association of Toxicologists is pleased to present the compilation of Dr. Rodger Foltz’s Toxicology Literature Review, well-known to members from the pages of the CAT Proceedings. This has been provided to CAT by Dr. Foltz for many years, and serves as a quick literature resource for CAT members.

The compiled Literature Review is in the form of an Adobe Acrobat pdf document, which can be read using the free Adobe Reader (available at, and searched for keywords using the Edit…Search feature.  The Review is updated three times per year after each meeting when the Proceedings are published.

The Literature Review was previously available as a searchable database, but the software is no longer supported on current websites.

From the Contributor 

I can’t recall exactly when I started compiling the database, probably shortly after the EndNote program was introduced. The earliest reference has a 1954 date, but I added numerous references from literature appearing well before I started the database. I began doing the literature review for the CAT Proceedings in 1993 (I believe) and all of those references are included in the current database. However, I have purposely limited the CAT references to articles that I thought would be of interest to analysts in clinical and forensic laboratories. More recently I have also been including references concerned with the analysis of new drugs, particularly when the analyses have involved newer chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques.

My primary professional interest has been applications of chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques for identification and quantitation of drugs and metabolites in physiological specimens, and this is reflected in the database.

Best regards,

Rodger Foltz