Randall Baselt Memorial Research Grant

The research grant was re-named the Randall Baselt Memorial Research Grant in 2021 to honor the founding C.A.T. member after his passing on May 15th of that year.

Randy had many significant contributions to the field of forensic toxicology in his career. His Disposition of Toxic Drugs and Chemical in Man (the red book) is a staple in all forensic laboratories. Drug Effects on Psychomotor Performance (the green book), though not updated and possibly less well-known, is another staple. He was a founder of our main journal resource, the Journal of Analytical Toxicology (JAT) and was also responsible for the English translation of Widmark’s 1932 classic Principles and Applications of Medicolegal Alcohol Determination.

Randy was a brilliant, active toxicologist who always had a project or two in the works. He routinely pursued his forensic curiosity in small, informal experiments and was able to share some of those results with the forensic community in his many publications. Because of this pursuit, it is fitting that we honor him with this grant.

The Baselt Research Grant is intended to fund research projects in the areas of clinical or forensic toxicology. Up to $2,500 will be awarded to each successful applicant for approved project costs. Recipients of the grant will be expected to present their findings at a future C.A.T. meeting, with up to an additional $500 provided for travel expenses.

Please find the application here.